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The Hundred Parishes Society


The annual subscription is £10 per family or organisation (including local authorities and businesses).

Membership of the Hundred Parishes Society will help you to:

  • Learn more about the area, its history and its heritage.
  • Share your own knowledge.
  • Discover some more hidden gems.
  • Be encouraged to explore the area.
  • Find new ideas for places to take your visitors.
  • Receive regular communications about local events.
  • Learn of opportunities to become involved.
  • Keep this a pleasant place to live and an attractive destination for visitors.
  • Support the Society’s work and objectives.

If you are not already a member, we hope you will click on the Membership Application button below.

The Notes button will take you to explanations of membership conditions, privacy & data protection, Gift Aid and the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Volunteering will show you some opportunities to become actively involved in the Society.