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Altogether there are 103 administrative parishes. With minor exceptions, each parish is included in its entirety within the Hundred Parishes.

We have prepared a brief introduction to each of the parishes. We acknowledge all the parish representatives who have helped us to prepare these and in particular volunteers Tessa Perrin and Alan Landsbury who have prepared many. Most of the photographs have been taken by Janice or Ken McDonald who retain the copyright. Members are welcome to copy the text and images for their personal use or to pass them on in the interests of spreading knowledge and understanding of the Hundred Parishes, but no content of this website may be used or reproduced for commercial purposes without prior authority.

The introductions have been kept deliberately short but, unlike our general web pages, you will usually have to scroll down. Most introductions will print on two or three sides of A4 paper although we are gradually expanding the introductions, in particular to add more photos. In the top right corner of each introduction, the approximate location of that parish within the overall Hundred Parishes area is depicted by a star. We do not seek to duplicate what has been covered elsewhere and we provide links to further online sources and suggestions for further reading. We welcome comments or suggestions and, in particular, we would like to hear of additions or changes to amenities such as pubs, tea rooms and bus services – please use the Feedback form at the bottom of the menu on the left.

Please select one of the buttons below to access the parish introductions, using either the alphabetical listing or a location diagram.

One location diagram covers the northern half of the Hundred Parishes and the other the southern half, with some overlap. If you use one of these, hover over a parish number and the parish name will appear. Click on the number to call up the parish introduction in a new window.

In the alphabetical listing, click on a parish name and the introduction will open in a new window.